Staying Fit & Healthy while On the Go


Cycling? Check. Parkour? Check. RV living? Check. 

As founder of Bike Rumor!, the world’s largest cycling tech blog, Tyler Benedict knows how tricky it can be to stay active and healthy while traveling 14 hours a day. Listen to Aaron’s interview with Tyler as he tells his secrets to keeping a healthy routine while traveling frequently. Tyler also shares about merging his company with the AllGear family of websites, including GearJunkie, AutoWise, Switchback Travel and other leading outdoor and gear sites. 

Tyler talks about his favorite places to ride and parkour in Greensboro and his Instagram, Cool Greensboro, where he showcases all the cool things Greensboro has to offer. 


“If you’re hungry all the time it just means you’re eating the wrong things.”

– Tyler Benedict


In This Episode:

  • Learn about why Greensboro is a great place for cyclists year round.
  • The importance of being proactive to maintain flexibility and mobility.
  • How your diet can impact your training as you age.
  • Making small changes that accumulate over time. 
  • Using real-life projects to teach your kids about business.



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