Healthier Living Through Creativity with Alisha Wielfaert

Creativity means creating something unique to produce equally unique results! We all have different body types and needs and Alisha Wiefaert has emphasized on that clearly on this show. Alisha is a leadership, creativity, and life coach dedicated to getting women back home to themselves. She joins Aaron to teach us how we can take better care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health simply by adding a creative touch in every single detail of the things we do. And just like Aaron, we may start thinking, “but I’m not creative! I don’t have the slightest inclination to art, and I was never a fan to begin with!”. Well, isn’t it refreshing to realize we don’t actually need to know and like art to be creative? That it isn’t as complicated as we thought it was? Let’s get in touch with our inner voices, thoughts, and feelings and grab this time to listen to where they’re really leading us. Do our bodies need rest? Care? Attention? Pampering? Join this journey of going back to ourselves!


“Creativity doesn’t mean artist. Creativity can be literally how you design a workout for yourself.”

–  Alisha Wielfaert



In This Episode:

  • A prominent, high-paying dream job may not be your dream, but it can lead you to the right game.
  • How marrying yoga with positive psychology gives you better health and more mindfulness 
  • The relevance of having a life coach in terms of moving the needles in your life
  • Different ways you can exercise creativity in your routine activities – and no, having an art degree is NOT a requirement!
  • The tool that serves as your compass towards living a healthy, happy life!


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