Choosing the Right Running Shoe with John Dewey

Is there anything that can stop a determined pair of feet from running towards its dreams? Probably, when it’s not donned with the right pair of shoes! John Dewey is a physical therapist and owner of Fleet Feet shoe store who caters to customers who love to run. Being a PT helps a great deal when it comes to understanding pain and how to prevent it, one of which is making sure the feet are comfortable with what they’re wearing. His forte is in digging deep into his customers’ stories – their past and current pains, the purpose they wish to carry out, and makes sure nothing can stop them from pursuing all that. So, join in with your best shoe, run forward, and make things happen – but don’t forget to tie your laces!


“I try to mix in as much science as I can with what we’re doing. When you get the most comfortable thing on your feet, you’re not thinking about how bad your feet hurt, you’re just enjoying the scenery.”

–  John Dewey

In This Episode:

  • The biggest misconception when it comes to the best shoe
  • Why you need to be wary of one-size-fits-all
  • Important things to look out for before buying shoes
  • What people should pay attention to when their body hurts when they’re running
  • How running can impact your life and why you need the best shoe to accomplish that
  • How your perspective comes into place when you experience something scary


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