Baptiste Power Yoga with Libby Ramsey from Dancing Dogs Yoga Greensboro

Physical beauty is never complicated. The rules in choosing the right products for your skin are straightforward and simple. If they’re harmful for you, if the steps are too complex to understand, then they’re not good. Skin care expert and Beautycounter team leader, Anne Huitt, joins the movement towards cleaner beauty and divulges the 4 steps to a no-nonsense regimen that delivers results. Join her and Aaron in this beauty revolution and step up your beauty game to a new level!

Yoga was made popular in the 20th century and is practiced by many people worldwide. What’s not popular is the fact that there are different types and origins of yoga, offering different benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. Libby Ramsey, a yoga teacher and owner of Dancing Dogs Yoga, joins Aaron in today’s episode to talk about Baptiste Power Yoga. What is it and how is it different from other types of yoga out there? What are the total or holistic benefits you can get out of it and how can you join a yoga class during a pandemic? How often should you do it and how can you do it when the poses seem so complicated? All of these questions will be addressed, even those clouds in your head that say you can’t do it.

“The 45 minutes on the mat is not where we will solve all your problems. It’s where you’re setting an intention of what you’re up to that’s bigger than yourself.”

– Libby Ramsey

In This Episode:

  • The 12 Laws of Transformation that’s woven in every Baptiste yoga class
  • How people get better at being uncomfortable when they are wired to avoid discomfort 
  • Power yoga versus Baptiste yoga – the yoga that takes the body to a whole range of emotions, enhances critical thinking and self-reflection
  • What “yoga off my mat” means and how overcoming an excruciating pain can help you overcome the pains you face in real life
  • The point-to-point formula of teaching designed to teach you how to listen and obey 



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